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This is my pest control website I give a brief description of the service here and list the current prices

I won't set you up with a contract or a cancellation fee.

more can be found on the BOOK ONLINE button of what i can do for you

chat or call for swift response for you questions

pest control
pest control
pest control
pest control

Exterior only pest management 160$

Exterior treatment includes power spray to establish a barrier 3 feet up and 3 feet out from the home with restricted-use pesticides (RUPs), which are not available for purchase or use by the general public.

Web/Nest Removal involves cleaning webs, wasp nests, and egg sacs from eaves and overhangs and inside the garage.

Granulation spreading to your lawn with RUPs is used to establish a 10-foot barrier around the home's perimeter.

Additionally, one mouse bait station is placed near the AC unit.

pest control
pest control

Interior only pest management 160$

Interior treatment involves applying restricted-use pesticides (RUPs) within a home, which are not available for purchase or use by the general public.

Additionally, it includes deploying lure or bait sticky or devices in areas where potential pests may be harboring.

a single  mouse stations small is included

pest control
pest control
pest control

A single visit for addressing and removing a wasp or bee nest is priced at $160, and no appointment is necessary.

General preventive pest service, covering both the interior and exterior of the home, is priced at $250.

1. Power spray to establish a barrier 3 feet up and 3 feet out from the home
2. Baiting or trapping to identify and prevent specific household pests
3. Cracks and crevices Flush out to remove adult pests from exterior cracks and crevices.
4. Spot treatments to identify and prevent potential pest problems in the yard
5. Granulation to establish a 10-foot barrier around the perimeter of the home
6. Web/Nest Removal of clean webs, wasp nests, and egg sacks from eaves and overhangs
7. Precision treatment to establish barriers at entry points and migration paths
8. Treating entry points prevents pests from entering the home.

This includes one bait-filled station by the AC unit or as specified, also interior spraying with restricted-use pesticides.

This is highly recommended if you have not had a pest control service and are experiencing problems with pests.

Wildlife, rodent, deceased animal, or fecal matter cleanup is available for $40.

pest control
pest control

For voids, gaps, or holes, the space filling is $50 per hole. 

You are notified about this and asked if you wanted the discovered hole to be filled.

Safety for Pets


  • OneGuard is safe for pets after the treated area is completely dry.

  • Bifen XTS and Bifen IT are safe to use around pets.

  • Bifen granules are safe for pets once they are dry.

  • FirstStrike Rat/Mouse Soft Bait is safe to use around children and pets.

  • Delta Dust is very safe to use indoors around pets when used as directed.

  • Suspend SC is indeed safe for pets once it is dry. It’s colorless and virtually odorless, so your furry friends won’t detect it.

  • Alpine WSG (Water-Soluble Granules) is an odorless and non-staining pesticide that effectively eliminates pests. The good news is that it’s safe for pets.

  • Termidor SC is indeed safe to use around pets.

  • Talstar P can be safely used around pets, including dogs and puppies, as long as you follow the label instructions.

  • Tempo SC Ultra insecticide is labeled for both outside and inside use. It is odorless and very safe to use around children or pets.

  • Suspend polyzone is safe for use in homes with children and pets.


Crawl Space Service 100$   SPRAY PESTICIDES IN ATTIC

An additional bait box is available for \$38, which includes two small stations, or for \$67, you can opt for one large outdoor station.

pest control

I offer services to trap nuisance animals like squirrels for \$25 per catch.

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